What is the distinction between a main account and a side account?

Players can have one main account and up to four side accounts.

Main Account

The main account is intended for your everyday use on Neopets.com. Here, you can perform daily tasks, enjoy games, participate in contests, and earn Neopoints as a result. 

Setting a Main Account

You can only set an account as your main account once every 30 days.

Side Account

The side account serves to provide a dedicated space to accommodate additional pets and showcase your extra items in a separate gallery. Nothing more, nothing less.

Restricted Side Account Activities

Be advised that participating in contests that award Neopoints or prizes, obtaining Neopoints through any means, or performing any action that grants in-game rewards is strictly prohibited when using your side accounts. Disregarding these guidelines may result in potential sanctions against your Neopets account.

Allowed Side Account Activities

  • Adopting pets from the pound, transferring pets, and creating pets.
  • Using the lab ray/petpet lab ray
  • Visiting the Healing Springs
  • Having a gallery (such as r99, plushie galleries)
  • Purchasing/redeeming Neocash (NC) and any associated items (except Fortune Cookies).
  • Participating in board discussions.
  • Entering the Beauty Contest or any spotlight that only awards trophies (such as the various spotlights available include the Beauty Contest, Customisation Spotlight, Neohome Spotlight, Pet Spotlight, Site Spotlight, User Lookup Spotlight, and spotlights for creating a level in different games)
  • Entering or creating a guild*
  • Accessing the Soup Kitchen
  • Training your pets
  • Sending Neomails and adding Neofriends

*Please remember that entering contests on your side accounts' respective guilds is prohibited.

A Note on Random Events and Quests

Completing random events and quests is allowed, with certain stipulations.

For example, faerie quests that you receive randomly on a side account can be completed as long as the items needed to complete the quest are bought using Neopoints from your main account. You are allowed to transfer a pet from another account to receive the reward of the Faerie Quest.

If you have an active faerie quest on your main account, you are permitted to log into a side account and use the Shop Wizard to find the item you need. However, as always, the Neopoints to buy the item must come from your main account.

You are not allowed to do any quests that you have to re-quest, including Illusen, Jhudora, Esphagor, etc. This also includes Faerie Quest Fortune Cookies.

Additionally, if you get a random event that has awarded you neopoints or an item, don't panic! No one can control where and when a random event may strike, so you are free to keep any neopoints or items you gain from a random event. But if you intend to sell it, remember to transfer it to your main account.

Why Do These Rules Exist?

These rules may sound like a lot, but we have carefully considered and discussed them to ensure fairness among our players. Without these regulations, some individuals could exploit multiple accounts to amass more Neopoints than those with a single account. So, in the spirit of fairness, please respect these guidelines. 

Bending the Rules Is Strictly Prohibited

It's no secret that side accounts have been misused to circumvent Neopets' rules. Be warned that if you're found engaging in prohibited activities, The Neopets Team (TNT) will take swift action, which could include freezing both your side and main accounts. Here are some clear violations to avoid:

Misusing the referral program

The referral system is designed to introduce new players to Neopets, not for existing users to create additional accounts for themselves. Doing so is a breach of the rules.

Transferring an aged side account to a frozen friend

Account giveaways are generally prohibited. Specifically, handing over an older account to someone as a workaround for the limitations imposed on new accounts is unequivocally against the rules.

Circumventing account age limits

TNT has made concessions, such as allowing players whose main accounts don't meet age requirements to access the Almost Abandoned Attic and enjoy Hidden Tower discounts on qualifying side accounts. This exception doesn't extend to other age-restricted activities. Using a side account to bypass such limitations, including the rule against purchasing more than one item per day from the Hidden Tower, is strictly forbidden.

To avoid account restrictions or account suspension. Please respect the rules for the benefit of the entire Neopian community. Thank you!

The purpose of NeoPass is to make life easier and more seamless for all Neopians!
That being said, any attempt to manipulate the account switching system to gain an unfair advantage could result in an account being suspended. This FAQ covers a range of activities that define what is/isn’t allowed; however, in general TNT recommends that all Neopians abide by the same spirit of integrity and decency that have always defined our community!

If you are in any doubt about whether an activity is prohibited or not on a side account, remember that you can always reach out to support@neopets.com with any additional questions, stay tuned to any official announcements on our official social media pages regarding changes to our policies, or utilize the Neoboards to discuss the use of main and side accounts.